My Cappadocia Trip
My Cappadocia Trip

Ürgüp, one of the most important centers of Cappadocia, is one of the places where you will see the history, art and nature together, which are not enough to explore the earth from underground.

It is one of the most important religious centers of the Byzantine period with its district churches and monasteries dating back to ancient times and the best hotels of Ürgüp are located close to these old structures.

Having entered the Ottoman patronage in 1515, Urgup has many mysterious structures with both its recent works and its deep history.

Urgup Cappadocia's exact hit route with a full culture, a lively nature and a colorful night life next to it. You have many options to stay in Urgup.

If you want a special accommodation for your holiday or if you are dreaming of a hotel on your honeymoon or wedding anniversary, take a look at our recommendations for the best hotels in Urgup.


Kayakapı Premium Caves

The oldest Greek Quarter of Cappadocia, which is under protection by UNESCO, is also known as 'Ağalar Mahallesi', and the hotel in Kayakapı is one of the most fantastic hotels you can see in Urgup.

There is a rock church dating back to the 10th century, Aziz Yuhannes House and a Seljuk mosque in the neighborhood, which consists of hundreds of rock places.

Each of the houses in the neighborhood is named after the craftsmen who lived in the past. You are influenced not only by the perfection in its restoration, but also by its different atmosphere. If you want some comfort in a nostalgic texture; At Kayakapı Hotel, you find a lot more comfort than 'a little'.

Let us remind you that the windows of the hotel, where you will encounter the privileges of luxury, such as Turkish bath, sauna and pool, open to a magnificent view, and their meals are served in gourmet taste, and their breakfasts are almost served with bird milk.

The distance of the hotel to Goreme Open Air Museum is 5 and the distance to Özkonak Underground City is approximately 20 kilometers.


Serinn Hause

You will encounter a magnificent view when you climb about 1 km from the center in Esbelli Neighborhood of Ürgüp. Serinn Hause is the name of the hotel that opens its windows to this view every morning. It will be the most striking minimalist style in the business, which is different from the traditional hotels of Ürgüp.

Serinn Hause, which New York Times declared as Cappadocia's first real design hotel, does not need to explain itself, because it displays a modern style. Although the decoration colored with antiques, traditional furniture and handicrafts in the hotel with 5 cave rooms is the same master hand, the style of each room is different.

We remind you that the presentations on the table are organic, at Serinn Hause, where you will always smell fragrant from your kitchen.


Sacred hause

The hotel, which you will encounter in one of the narrow streets of Urgup, is 250 years old. When you knock on the door of Sacred Hause, which has turned into a 21-room boutique hotel with the restoration of an old Greek mansion made of cut stone, which means "holy house", you cannot even guess the difference of the world inside.

Marble sculptures, pillars, brass antique beds, arched walls, handmade furniture and much more ... The inexplicable liveliness of its atmosphere, its philosophical library, the medieval atmosphere mixed with the Renaissance and the burning candles. In short, you will be surprised and will love it.


Fresco Cave Suites & Mansions

Located in the center of Urgup, the hotel has a boutique service approach and is formed by combining 3 historical mansions and caves.

It makes an impression unlike any other place you stay, with its texture that feels like listening to the story of the region and watching the experiences.

The harmony of history with modern decor is magnificent in the 17-room hotel. So much so that you can see the inscriptions dating back to the 1700s on the walls, and you can fall asleep by looking at the frescoes that are more than 100 years old.

The colorful hand made carpets accompany their plain furniture symbolize their claim for decoration.


Queens Cave Cappadocia

If you are one of those who want to feel like a king or a queen, Queens Cave is one of the hotels that will make a welcome welcome. Separate attention was paid to the decor of each of the 8 rooms.

The first thing that catches your eye in the rooms equipped with stone, solid wood and local elements will be how this style creates such an elegant simplicity.

The hotel has its own valley, where you can find many nostalgic elements together such as handcrafted carpets and rugs, lace, antique doors and chests.

The hotel kitchen, where everything is organic, from breakfast to food products, is talented enough to make a recipe.

Queens Cave is one of the Cappadocia wine-producing hotels and one of the few hotels offering vintage wine service in Cappadocia.


Gamirasu Cave Hotel

Providing service in a nature surrounded by thousands of years' spirituality in Ayvalı Village of Urgup, the hotel consists of 35 cave rooms. Founded in 1999, the hotel bears the title of being the first rock hotel in the region.

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