My Cappadocia Trip
My Cappadocia Trip

If you are wondering about Cappadocia, stream and hill; If you are not afraid of dust, mud, or dirt; If you like adrenaline and love nature, ATV tour is just for you.


Cappadocia has a surprising geographical setting where history and nature are intertwined and will make your every moment spectacular.


While traveling this extraordinary paradise, one of the most beautiful excitements that will reveal the traveler in you will be to ride ATV.


Information About Cappadocia ATV Tour


In Cappadocia, there are many companies that rent ATV and organize tours to visit unique valleysfairy chimneys and historical beauties.


As we said at the beginning, if you like adrenaline or if you are looking for an alternative to get away from the exhausting work pace and to relieve stress, you can have a pleasant time with the route these companies draw and the guidance service they provide.


You don't need to know how to drive and be licensed to ride ATV, which is called a four-wheel engine.


Even if you are driving a vehicle for the first time, we can say that you feel confident after a brief briefing.


Designed to go in the desert, sand, snow and asphalt, ATVs are ideal vehicles for nature expeditions, where you can make a maximum speed of 60 km.


The adrenaline part of the job is not a difficulty in using it, it includes acrobatics in rough areas such as muddy in the mud while traveling, and being soaked while passing through the water.


Where and how to make an ATV tour in Cappadocia?


ATV tours in Cappadocia are made around a route that includes unique valleys, Cavusin Town and Uchisar Castle.


You can choose the regions you want to see in the route alternatives created by the companies that rent ATV and go to these regions with a guide.


Points in the route drawn on the Cappadocia ATV tours of Sword Valley, Rose Valley, Red Valley, Cavusin Town, Love Valley, Pasabag, Uchisar, Pigeon Valley and Devrent Valley.


The duration of ATV trips, which are classified as Short, Standard, Long and Premium tours, can start from 1 hour and go up to 2, 3 and 4 hours, as well as agencies that rent ATV for half a day or full day.


The most popular times of ATVs, where you can rent and travel around the clock, are sunset times. Many companies organize ATV tours under the name of sunset tours.


You can ride ATVs as a single or double person. Although some ATV rental companies make their tours on private trails in the valleys that only they can use, ATV is suitable for using the grounds of all the valleys in Cappadocia.


You are informed about the route and usage before the tour, and then you go on a short warm up tour. During the tour, you are asked to wear a helmet and the tour company gives the helmet.


Cappadocia ATV Tour Prices


Although ATV tours vary according to the seasons, the average price is between 150 TL and 350 TL. If you are renting in groups, you can get a discount on certain rates.


In ATV safari tours, which generally start from the town of Göreme, hotel transfer, guidance and fuel are included in the price before and after the tour. If you rent ATV full day, the company where you rent lunch and drinks also pays.


Also, if you come across campaigns made by companies organizing ATV tours on opportunity sites on the internet, you will be lucky. Because you can benefit from very affordable fees at certain intervals.


Tips, Information, Points to Consider in ATV Tours


Although it is easy to use, has a route and is guided, there are some precautions you should take for your safety when you rent an ATV. Companies warn you about this issue and give you the materials you will use legally for security purposes.


You must wear a helmet during the ATV safari tour. The helmet needs to be of the type called full helmet, including your chin. Materials such as raincoats and gloves are given according to the weather conditions. It is also important to wear elbow and knee pads to avoid any injuries in case of falling.


ATV travelers under the age of 16 can travel in the back seat behind the driver's seat as passengers. But if they have driving experience and there is no problem in the warm-up tour, they can become a driver by paying a price in addition to the tour fee.


Children under the age of 12 can only ride ATV on the back seat. Children under the age of 3 cannot participate in the ATV safari tour. In terms of tour safety, you must have a maximum of 16 ATV engines outside your guide.


The motor power of ATVs is directly proportional to their weight. Light ATVs are safer, no matter how fast you press the gas, because the press does not make much speed.


But if you do not have the opportunity to choose a vehicle in the company you have agreed with, try not to overload the gas and make sudden exits.

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