My Cappadocia Trip
Cappadocia Paragliding
My Cappadocia Trip
Cappadocia, the land of beautiful horses, has many historical and natural formations that fascinate people. When you say fairy chimneys, underground cities, historical buildings, you find something to be affected in every corner of Cappadocia.

Cappadocia, which has become a world-famous place and protected by UNESCO, has not only places to visit but also dozens of fun and entertaining activities to do. The most famous event of Cappadocia is about 1 hour journey with huge flying balloons. With the bleaching of the day, it is very difficult to express the feeling of hot air balloons with words.

It is very exciting to watch the fairy chimneys, Ortahisar Castle and an important part of this natural wonder from above. On the other hand, with the increase in touristic activities over the years, other activities in line with the natural conditions of Cappadocia have begun to be carried out. Nature activities such as jeep safari and horse riding allow you to explore Cappadocia in another way.

One of the newer options compared to these is paragliding in Cappadocia. Cappadocia paragliding events, which started operating in 2016, attract great attention from local and foreign tourists.

While you leave yourself from the legendary hills of Cappadocia and look at this natural wonder place, the pleasure of gliding cannot be compared with flying balloons.

After it became certain that the infrastructure of Cappadocia was quite sufficient and suitable for paragliding, paragliding activities started and attracted a lot of attention as expected. So, what does Cappadocia paragliding offer you?

There are a few companies that serve for Cappadocia paragliding. When you go to Cappadocia, you can make reservations in advance by contacting tourism agencies or online. In order to make paragliding in Cappadocia, of course, the weather conditions must be favorable. Therefore, even if you have made a reservation, you may not be able to fly as in Cappadocia balloons in cases where it is determined to be inconvenient. You can follow that links ;https://www.mycappadociatrip.com/cappadocia-tour/cappadocia-paragliding/45

The decisive factor for the flight is that it is below 30 km wind speed. In other words, when you go in June and July in the middle of the season, you can fly without any problem when you go in December. You don't need any training to fly with paragliding. The necessary information is given to you before the flight, and the flights are carried out with professional instructors.

You should not forget that you will experience high adrenaline while going to the region where you will fly as well as flying. The hill you will fly with paragliding can be reached by vehicle as well as the crane system. In just 5 minutes you find yourself at an altitude of 850 meters.
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