My Cappadocia Trip

Cappadocia, one of the most important tourism centers of our country, welcomes millions of local and foreign tourists every year. Of course, tourists from some countries can be in the region that hosts tourists from all over the world. So, which countries do Cappadocia tourists usually come from? Although Cappadocia is an ideal region for tourism activities and cultural trips, the negativities experienced in our country in recent years caused the number of tourists to decrease significantly. Fortunately, this situation is reversed, and thanks to many supports and incentives, the region continues to revive in terms of tourists as before.


Favorite of Chinese tourists: Cappadocia


Cappadocia, which experienced a serious loss of tourists especially in 2016, seems to have recovered in 2017. Because the number of tourists visiting the region in 2017 is over 2 million. The increase in the number of Chinese tourists in the region is noticeable thanks to the tourism projects carried out jointly with China. Chinadoci, called the scope of the project has been declared the Year of Tourism in China has caused Turkey to turn to Chinese tourists in Cappadocia. Besides, we can say that Cappadocia made a gesture to Chinese tourists with the China Street project. In addition to Chinese tourists, Russian tourists have recently flocked to the region. There is an intense demand for the Cappadocia region from Russia, which is among the 10 countries that send the most visitors to Cappadocia.


There is also a strong demand from European countries


In addition to China and Russia, the region hosts many tourists from Iran and European countries. In addition, many tourists from countries such as South America come to visit the Cappadocia region. Particularly, the number of tourists, which decreased in 2016, increased significantly in 2017 and the expectations for 2018 are extremely high.


We can say that the studies and projects carried out to increase the number of tourists in Cappadocia are seriously effective at this point. This increase seems to continue in 2018 and it is even said that this year will be the golden year for Cappadocia.

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