My Cappadocia Trip
Corona Virus Has Affected Cappadocia
My Cappadocia Trip

The virus emerged in China, such as the chorus will affect tourism in Turkey, especially the expected reduction in the number of Chinese tourists visiting the Cappadocia region.


The number of Chinese tourists visiting the Cappadocia region, which is emerging in China and threatening the whole world, is expected to decrease significantly. While 275 thousand Chinese tourists visited the Cappadocia region in 2019, tourism professionals expect a serious decline in 2020 if the virus threat continues.


TÜRSAB Cappadocia Regional Representative Board (BTK) President Talip Aldemir said in a statement that the Corona virus emerging in China has seriously affected tourism. Aldemir said, "The corona virus is now on our agenda as a globally threatening virus. We hope that this virus has an anti virus.


It closes without worrying anyone, without threatening. It will affect our country's tourism very seriously its effects, especially in Cappadocia 2018. China after the declaration of Turkey that year very seriously our flow of tourists to our country from China and was held in Cappadocia.


We now know that the Ministry of Health has taken the measures seriously. Hopefully it closes as soon as possible and we think it will not affect our tourism. "




He said that after the corona virus emerging in China, Chinese tourists coming to visit the region have cancellations. TÜRSAB Cappadocia BTK President Talip Aldemir said, "There are worries in our region at the moment. Our cancellations are not at all serious."

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