My Cappadocia Trip
My Cappadocia Trip

No stress, everything will be very easy and super pass! I know; it can scare an unknown person. This is a natural process, and it is a process experienced by all those who went abroad for the first time. We all happily went back and forth, and you will return with great memories.

If it is going to sprinkle some water in it, it is not as big as you know in your head. After all, we are not changing the planet, we are changing countries, and there are people like you where I will go. Although cultures differ in the world, people are basically the same everywhere. Wherever you go, when someone sneezes, people say long live, they laugh when they hiccup, they get angry when the food is delayed, and they rejoice when someone on the bus has a place. Although our passports are different, we are all the same.

The second issue that remains is the operation while going abroad and the advice and information to those who will go abroad for the first time.

At that point, you can also lean your back on us, what you need to do at the airport when you travel abroad, for the first time, they will go abroad, where to go, what to do at the airport and the questions asked in overseas passport control, What is tax free, how to get abroad? We interests.

1. The First Step to Going Abroad: Issuing a Passport

Except for 3 countries, you must have a passport to go to all other countries in the world. You can find step-by-step procedures for how to get a passport.

2. Don't be fooled by the validity period on your passport!

Now you have looked at the validity date of your passport, there are 2 more months. You said oh, I'm gonna blow up Greece. You do not know that they will not let you in the border, you will go back to your house.

You ask why? In general, all countries you will expect your current passport to be valid for at least 6 months even after your travel dates. Also, do not forget to check that your passport has at least 2 blank pages when you leave abroad.

3. Where Should They Go Abroad For the First Time?

You can choose Montenegro (summer only) or Serbia from among the Visa-Visiting Countries. They are both aesthetic and fun, and they are effortless with their visa-free and flying in a few hours. The proximity of their cuisine and Balkan culture to us will not attract foreigners.
We recommend Barcelona from Italy, Rome, Florence or Spain from among Schengen Visa Countries. Rome and Florence are so beautiful that your appetite for more travel is guaranteed: They are also very close to us in terms of taste, human relations. Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in the world to be young.

4. Open Your GSM Line Abroad

Your phone line is closed to international use until you open it. If you do not make your line available for use abroad, you can neither call, nor call nor send a message. But wherever you connect to WiFi, you can reach your loved ones via Whatsapp. You will need the phone for a lot of information such as getting information, making a reservation, calling your family. Be sure to make it available for use abroad. You must do this before leaving Turkey, or pressing your phone will return to the homeland foot prints out a camera.

There are 3 ways to open it: 1) Call customer service, 2) Go to the branch, 3) Send SMS.

5. Receive Overseas Packages For Invoices That Don't Burn Out

GSM's favorite thing is to hit the morale of people coming from a great trip abroad with zero. If your phone bill is too expensive for you right now, you may want to throw yourself out of the window after returning from abroad. To prevent this, buy from overseas packages.

Turkcell offers two options
1) You can continue to use your own tariff by paying a certain fee every day.
It becomes active when you write SUPER DORMITORY and send it to 2200. You can find out the current daily usage fee here.

2) You can purchase a certain internet, sms, and phone right to use abroad.
You can have 30 minutes of speech or 30 SMS or 100 MB of internet for an extra fee. This tariff is activated automatically when you go abroad and put your phone in use for the first time. You can find out the current tariff fee here.

We recommend the 1st one because the internet usage of the person is very high while traveling. You will want to do a lot of research on the Internet from the train time to your restaurant. Once you use your social media accounts, the package you purchased ends up melting.

Important: These packages are not available in all countries. Make sure you see the country you are visiting !!

6. How to Call from Abroad?
Dormitories are outside and Turkey will dial the number you wish to call by +90 per co If you call the number. Example: +90 537 777 77 77.
If you are going to call a number in your country or a third country, you will have to put the subject of that country again. For example; If you are looking for a place in Macedonia, the country code will be +389. Example: Like +3890000000000.

7. Pay attention to the socket compatibility

There are different voltage electrical systems and plug sockets in different countries of the world. We use C and F types in Turkey. The vast majority of Europe also uses C and F, but America A and B and England use G. If they use a different socket, take an adapter / converter with you. You can click here to find out what socket inputs and voltages are used in which country. If you are staying at the hotel, adapters can be found at the reception.

8. When to Find the Right Time to Go There

See, this season control issue is very important. He said, “We found a very cheap ticket to Thailand for the honeymoon! As the messages we arrive in July ”, we are being damned here. Because our summer months are the months that should not be visited to Thailand, when the floods are flooded by monsoon rains and waters. Be sure to write a “best season to go to xxx” on the internet and search without buying a flight ticket.

9. Pay Attention to Clothing Selection & Weather Compatibility

Make sure to check the weather in your destination country and prepare a suitcase. The country of destination may be slightly different compared to the normal seasonal seasonal normals in Turkey. For example, August of Northern Europe is not like August of Istanbul. You may need to enter polar, coats, beanie mode while you are visiting t-shirts and shorts here.

10. Learn the Suitcase Right

If you say, "Stay with me as you will remember," know that the airline imposes a maximum weight limit on the suitcases.
First of all, make sure that the luggage you plan to travel with is empty and its weight is low. Some suitcases are too heavy even when they are hollow.
- Different airlines have different maximum weight policies.
The weight limits for Turkish Airlines are as follows: 15 kg for domestic flights, 20 kg for international tickets, but 15 kg if you bought promotional tickets, 30 kg in Business class.
Pegasus has created packages for ticket prices:
Eco package 15, Advantage package 20, Extra package 25,
Super eco package 8 kg (but only cabin suitcases are allowed), Eco and Advantage packages 20, Extra package 25 kg.
The right per passenger at Sun Express airline company is 20 kilos and hand luggage is 6 kilos. If you have a child under 2 years old, his weight is 10 kilos. In addition, your child car, travel bed and so on are carried free of charge.
- Before you prepare your suitcases, you should definitely choose a lightweight suitcases and find out the right of the suitcases that the airline you will fly to.

11. Look in Turkey to take care of your Currency Trading

- Make sure to £ whether foreign import process in Turkey. Finding a place to exchange the Turkish Lira abroad is a nightmare.
- The ideal is to turn TL directly into the currency of that country, since you give a commission for each cashing transaction. In other words, if possible, convert the part of your money that you know that you will definitely spend in Turkish Lira. But unfortunately, this is often not possible and where you take dollars or euros, then he'll have to get him bozdurup yerrel patau you visit when you go to the country because of what Peru pesos in exchange bürola in Turkey? For example, it is a bit easier to find Saudi Riyal since Arab tourists come a lot. But only convert what you know to spend precisely into the local currency. Have the extra money with you Dollars.
- The reason we recommend the Dollar rather than the Euro is because it is a more valid currency in the world. In some countries, they even accept dollars like their own currency in payments.
- Cuba is an exception to this, take the dollar, take the euro because there is political tension with America.
- I don't know if I need to say; If you go to the euro zone, do not buy dollars, convert your Turkish Lira directly into euros.
- There are exchange offices at the airport and train stations. They trade with a high commission here. You can turn an amount that will take you to the city and change the rest in the city.
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