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My Cappadocia Trip

1. Gather the Documents Required for the Passport
In order for your passport application to be accepted, you must deliver all your documents completely. We have explained the documents you need to prepare below. Make sure your file isn't missing.

2. Decide the Validity Period of Your Passport
Burgundy passports have a validity period of minimum 1 year and maximum 10 years. As the validity period becomes longer, the amount of payment to be made to the state increases. For example, if we look at the 2020 fees:
For 1 year passport, you have to pay 304,40 TL Passport Fee + 160 TL Book Value = 464,40 TL.
For a 10-year passport, you need to pay 994.80 TL Passport Fee + 160 TL Book Value = 1154.80 TL.

OUR ADVICE: Get a 10-year passport. It is more convenient for visa procedures and profitable for your budget. We explained the subject in more detail in the future.

3. Pay the Passport Fee and Book Price
Burgundy passport receivers are required to make two payments to the state as passport book price and passport fee.
Passport Fee - You can think of this as a transaction fee. Regardless of which passport you apply, the transaction fee is fixed.
Passport Book Price - Known as the Wallet Price. You can think of it as the price you pay for the validity period of the passport. When the validity period of the passport increases, the book price also increases.

In the Tuition and Book Price section of the article, we explained how much payment should be made for which period and where these payments should be made.

4. Make an Appointment for a Passport Application
In order to issue a Burgundy Passport, when all your documents are ready, you need to make an online appointment at epasaport.gov.tr ​​by choosing one of the available days and times in the system from one of the provincial population and district police departments. You don't have to buy it from the region where you reside.

5. Passport Delivery
Your passport is sent to the address you specified during application by courier or cargo. The government is committed to having it within 5-7 business days after the appointment day. If you are short on time, we explained how you can get your passport faster in the Passport Delivery section.

First of all, does your TC identification number appear on your identity paper? If it is not written, you cannot apply for a passport. You need to renew your identity card first at the Population Directorates. (If you are abroad, you can do this at the Foreign Representation you are affiliated with) If there is any deficiency in the information on the front of your identity card, you need to change your identity. However, you can apply with a Temporary Identity Card, which you can get from the Population Directorate. If there is a change in marital status, family row number, volume number, registered neighborhood and village household on the back, such situations do not prevent you from applying.

Documents required to issue a Burgundy passport (public passport) are as follows;

Original of the Identity Card (It is also useful to have a copy)
2 Biometric Photos: There is no passport photo, it must be a biometric photo. You don't have to do anything, just say "I want a biometric photo for a passport" when you go to the photographer. They already know and will guide you. The head will not be bent forward or facing any side, it will be pulled with a neutral facial expression, a white and patternless background will be used and will be 50 × 50 or 50 × 60 mm.
Old Passports: Original copy of previously obtained passports, if any
Passport Fee and Passport Fee Receipts: Effective as of 01.2016, the receipts to document that the book and fee fees to be taken according to their requested time are paid.
If the passport application is made for an underage or disabled individual, a consent is required.
The letter of consent is a document stating that you are aware of the child's passport procedures and that you have given consent. If the minor's parents are married, both must give consent. If they are divorced, only the individual custody of the child is required to give consent. It also needs to bring the original court decision, which proves that the child is in custody. If the passport is issued for an individual with a disability, no one of their legal representatives must give their consent. If the disabled person is over 18 years old and has a physical disability, he / she can apply for a passport. If the disability is mental, a court order is requested by the court. You can have the letter of consent issued by notaries or at the passport offices in the District Population Directorates.

Note: If any parent is in prison, that person does not need a consent. However, a document must be obtained from the prison administration that the person is in prison.

Note: Although any of the parents have died, consent of the survivor is required.
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